Pricing to Profit with Business Expert Dr. Carey Yazeed

Pricing to Profit with Dr. Carey Yazeed

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Pricing to Profit with Guest Dr. Carey Yazeed

Dr. Carey Yazeed is a business strategist, coach, and author. Her work has been featured in Forbes, Bustle, Huffington Post, and Essence. Her book Lipstick, Heels, and Hustle empower women to build their business through overcoming doubt and insecurity and charging what they’re worth.

Overcome Limiting Mindsets

Dr. Carey Yazeed points out that limiting mindsets like imposter syndrome can keep you from charging what you’re worth. Allowing and reminding yourself that you are capable and qualified to charge higher prices for your services and products is an important part of being a successful entrepreneur.

Leverage Your 9-5 Income & Benefits

Sometimes it’s easy to discount your day job and focus solely on the passion that you have in your side hustle. Dr. Carey Yazeed points out that your day job can help you save up for your goal of transitioning to entrepreneurship full time. By leveraging benefits including educational credits, you can have enough funds left over to be able to going from an hourly or salary rate to an irregular income as an entrepreneur.

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Your Business Needs to Pay Your Bills

Get into the habit of increasing your side hustle pricing to be able to afford both your business and personal expenses. It’s important to note that when you are an entrepreneur, you’ll need to use your business income as your primary income. Don’t settle on charging too little for your pricing. Remember that your pricing is determined by you and that you are in charge of how much you make.

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Have Multiple Streams of Income

Your business should be recession-proof! Try leveraging different active income such as services and passive income like affiliate income or products that can help you offset any fluctuations to people using and purchasing your products or services.

Be Yourself!

Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in someone else’s success or the glamour of trying to be someone your not. Remember that you are the driver of your success and that what you are is unique and valuable! Share your heart. Be authentic. People don’t want a second rate someone else when they can have a first rate YOU.

Special Thanks to Dr. Yazeed

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