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My Favorite Cheap and Free Tools for Online Coaches

This post contains affiliate links which means that if you make a purchase through one of these links, I may receive a small commission to help keep this blog running. For more information on disclosures, please review my disclosures page.

Here are my favorite cheap and free tools for online coaches and small businesses. Trying to build your business can often be expensive, so creating easy to access free and affordable tools is essential to building profit instead of draining your bank account. Use this as a free resource and guide to utilize for your small business. 

Mailchimp and Mailerlite

Mailchimp and Mailerlite are two of my favorite free email marketing platforms. Mailchimp is an easy to use email automation platform that allows you to create consistent messaging to your clients and build your business. Mailerlite has some amazing landing page templates to generate sales and provide free digital products.

Canva and Crello

Canva and Crello are two easy to use content creation platforms that allow you to create beautiful graphic design for your social media, digital products, and website graphics. Both of these platforms are free, but have paid memberships for additional features. However, I think the free version is probably the easiest to use. You can make use of hundreds of easy to use templates and free images.


Later is my favorite social media scheduler. This is the easiest way to schedule your Instagram and Facebook posts. You can tag other people in a photo, customize the image size, and even add filters to your images. You can post up to 30 images for free along with saving your hashtag groups and captions every month. You can add up to four accounts to your account without having to upgrade.


Bitly houses your long website urls into tiny links that you can use in your emails, Youtube descriptions, instant messages, and more. You can quickly copy and paste them into a message directly from the Bitly app.

This website removes any backgrounds with a person in the forefront. You can easily utilize this for images that you want clean photo images of just you instead of you with a background.

Logitech Camera C920

Having a camera is super important if you are a coach, consultant, or even a podcast or Youtube producer. This Logitech Camera is one of the best purchases you can buy to easily create video content as well as visually connect with your potential and current customers.

Yeti Blue Snowball

Creating audio for podcasts or video doesn’t have to be hard or expensive. I love how I was able to plug in and start recording as soon as I received this device. It’s easy to set up and provides clear audio that doesn’t take too much effort to use. Plus, the Yeti Blue Snowball microphone is easy to break down and fold up in the case that you need to move your recording area to a different location to the house.

Acuity and Square Appointments

Acuity and Square appointments are also great ways to book appointments and link up to your personal calendars. What I love about Square is that you can create a customized landing page and even embed the appointment page right into your website.


Planoly allows you to create previews of the grids for your Instagram feed. So if you are looking to create beautifully curated content, this app is definitely a go-to. All you need to do is connect up your Instagram account to the app and then review how scheduled posts would appear in the grid. You can schedule up to 30 pieces of content with this app.


I connect with my clients on a weekly basis and I need to know that my video conferencing software will do the work I need it to do. Zoom‘s easy to use platform was designed to make connections and offers free video conferences 1:1 for unlimited use. However, if you want to use the software system for group calls for more than two people, you’ll have to upgrade to the Pro account.


There are so many amazing more tools that I love, so please share them with me as I’m constantly adding to this list!

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