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Fun fact, I’m afraid of heights.

After college, I started rock climbing as a way to kill time and spend with friends. What motivated me then was a new challenge and I knew that I had to overcome my fears by taking my first steps.

After I started rock climbing, I started looking at the people around me and realized that I was one of the few women in the room. Most of the people at the rock climbing gym were men. Some of them were even children! And here they were scaling these 9 foot walls no problem, while I struggled to grab each rock and reach the top.

I felt like I started too late and there wasn’t any chance of catching up. I was wrong. I started to climb to the very top of my first, second, and third climb and I started to improve. I wasn’t perfect, but I knew I had conquered my fears by taking one small step in front of the other and reached the top.

Creating financial freedom is something adults do everyday. Just like I had to learn to overcome my fear of heights, you can create financial wellness and a legacy for you and your family through my Free Money Master’s Challenge.

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