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Are you fueling a life you love or a life you hate?

Stability and the Status quo. That’s what I clung to while I went to work every day. My life wasn’t all too bad really. I went to work, came home, spent time with my dog, packed leftovers for my husband and I, but it all seemed so well…BORING. 

I had this dream one day of quitting my job and making my life different. I had this dream of embracing a different lifestyle. One that was location independent. Where I didn’t have to commute everyday and I could wear my PJ’s and eat breakfast with a messy bun and work on my laptop. 

Oh yea, and in that world, I wouldn’t have to put makeup on in the car at 8:55 am. 

I wanted freedom. I wanted to hang out with my dog and not come home to her “accidents” she had because I was too exhausted to take her for walks at 7 AM in the morning.

I wanted to spend time doing the things I love with my husband like ACTUALLY spend time together and not just fall asleep on the couch watching Netflix and waiting for the weekend. 

BUT how on earth was I actually going to make a living???

That was the fear I held onto that kept me from quitting. It was my fear of not being accepted by my family, friends, and dare I say it, myself??

Would I be one of those broke Millenials running facebook ads, trying to make it only to come back to my husband and tell him that we lost the farm? 

Okay, we don’t have a farm, but you know what I mean, right?

Well, you know what finally flipped the switch for me to quit my job was being sick and tired of BEING SICK AND TIRED.

I was sick of wishing ONE day that I could make my business a reality. I was tired of waking up early to drag myself to a job I didn’t love.

I was tired of climbing the corporate ladder. I had a different ladder I wanted to climb. I wanted to set my own goals. I wanted to give myself a FRICKING raise when I wanted to. I wanted to wake up feeling creative and passionate.

I wanted to help women create a safe space to make a living doing what they love. Crazy? Maybe. Stupid? Never.

So I quit my job, doubled my sales, and YES started to make a living out of being an entrepreneur. 

What I care about are the men and women out there trying to balance their cubicle duties and their family duties and somehow still pursue a dream of getting paid doing what they love.

So I’m calling out to all the ladies out there hustling on weekends trying to live this dream out. You’re not crazy. You’re not stupid for thinking you can make it. In fact, you’re brave, intelligent, and creative

Business Mentorship for Women Entrepreneurs

My 1:1 coaching program might be for you if:

  • You've tried webinars, freebies, and even courses, but need 1:1 support.
  • You're ready to make a commitment to take your business seriously.
  • You're ambitious, motivated, and ready to learn new things.
  • You're ready to make an investment in yourself and business.

3 month coaching program

  • Identify your ideal clientele and niche.
  • Practice healthy mindsets around money and entrepreneurship.
  • Create a customized brand strategy with branding guide ($225 value).
  • Business account setup guidance using the Profit First Method.
  • Invoicing setup assistance for Paypal, Stripe, and Wave.
  • Customized feedback on websites, landing pages, and service pricing.
  • Launch support for podcasts, youtube channels, and blogs.
  • Support creating effective onboarding new client process flows.


One discounted price in full for $1,600 ($100 off).


Six biweekly payments of $285.

Question # 1: Why three months? 

Three months gives people the opportunity to lay the ground work for changes to their new business and create sustainable habits for their future business. 

Question # 2: Do you have payment plans?

Yes, payment plans can be customized on a recurring basis twice a month for $285 for a total of six payments. Our secure payment processes can be processed through credit card or ACH. A discounted one time payment is available for $1,600 ($100 off).

Question # 3: Do you have a cheaper rate than $1,600? 

While I do offer special sales throughout the year on my coaching program, masterminds, and other digital content this fee helps to uphold my commitment to excellence in supporting your growth and gives you unparamounted support. In addition, this fee helps support administrative fees that helps provide you with the highest level of service.

Question # 4: I have a service based business. Will this benefit me?

Yes, I specialize in business mentorship for service based entrepreneurs such as coaches, photographers, makeup artists, and health and wellness trainers. My coaching packages can help you create a framework of success for building wealthy mindsets for yourself and your business.