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Hi I'm Melody

Hi, my name is Melody, nice to meet you!
In 2011, I was frazzled with my finances and barely making ends meet. After deciding to make a change with my money and life, I paid off over $65k in student loans, started a business, and began to live life more intentionally.

I learned that life does not have to be about suriviving, but thriving. I now coach men and women to overcome financial obstacles to start leading their designed life.

Through one on one coaching, group coaching, and courses I help walk you through slashing debt, starting a business, and living life to the fullest.

More About Me

What My Wonderful Clients Say

  • I just wanted to say thank you to Melody for taking the time to help me with my financial goals to success. I learned so much that I did not know. It has beeen beyond great working with Melody.

    Sharday Makeup Artist
  • RELIEF! Thats what I feel after working with my financial coach. This afternoon she helped me call and negotiate new interest rates on my credit cards.

    Corrinne Photographer


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